Before the horrors in Syria began, at a photo exhibition in which I shared images of travels there, some close friends chastised me for ‘spending time with terrorists’ when they saw this image. Abdulsalam, who welcomed my family and me into his home, is a creative, successful Bedouin entrepreneur. His name actually means ‘servant of peace’, yet was deemed immediately by some to be an instant criminal, THEM, for the simple crime of wearing an Arab headdress, or kufiya.


Defending others

I belong to and identify with several different groups of people that are often ridiculed and slandered. Whenever I hear disparaging remarks about any of these groups, I immediately jump in to ‘clear their name’ and set the story straight. Most often people are receptive of the other side of the story I present, until they realize I belong to these groups. For some reason I am only seen as credible when it appears that I’m simply a third-party.