Shahram Sharbaf – Tehran, Iran

Please don’t clap or cheer, I want them to let us have more concerts.

After being banned for seven years, Iranian musician Shahram Sharbaf, gave his first legal concert to an audience limited to 200, in order to ensure that the crowd would be kept under control. His lyrics are based on the revered Persian poets Hafez and Rumi, but rock or any rhythmic music is controversial in Iran. 

Desiree – March on Washington: 50th Anniversary, DC

You know even though everybody can feel comfortable with their views of people, when we all get together [we see that] we’re all still alike. You know what I’m saying? Like we can all laugh and joke and even though I may normally just only talk with black folks, but when we all get together, we’re all still just people. That’s the hard part, you’ve got to find a common ground and something that we all agree on and we all feel good about.

So what would be like a good thing that you could think of that could like—

Help bring people together? I think food and music does. Food and music brings people together. At work, I can say that when we have like potlucks and people come out, and music—- I think food and music, you’ve just got to find more things that bring people together than keep them apart. I think that’s the catch.