Caretaker – Orjan, Jordan

The Ras Adir Greek Orthodox Church, a stop on the Abraham Path, is looked after by this caretaker, who lives peacefully with his neighbors in this predominantly Muslim community.

Abu Mohammed – Ajloun, Jordan

Abu Mohammed welcomes those walking the Abraham Path to stay at his home. He initially found it hard to believe that visitors would be interested in his ‘not famous’ village, as cultural tourism is new to the area. 

Um Naseem – Orjan, Jordan

Um Naseem was one of the first to offer homestays when the Abraham Path first opened in the Ajloun region of Northern Jordan.

Sheikh Zuhare – Rasoun, Jordan

I lead my village. When the Abraham Path opened, I built a campground here with nice tents and beds on the mountain top for people walking the Path to stay and eat at. I’ve met a lot of really interesting people from all over the world and it is a good business for us.