Mark – Union Square, NYC

I actually don’t have many problems about being stereotyped now.

I used to be homeless for 4 or 5 months from drugs and alcohol. People are funny, when you’re homeless you are invisible, they don’t want to go near you.  Most people who are homeless are telling lies anyway.  Sometimes they don’t even know it’s a lie, about needing money to buy a ticket or something, because they say it so much they start to believe it.

When I was a server in a restaurant I was also invisible.

Now I am the sommelier at one of the top restaurants in the city, and people are always asking my advice, either telling me that they don’t know anything about wine and don’t want to make a mistake, or they are very knowledgeable and appreciate a lot of specific information about the vineyards.

Union Square, NYC

People say ‘Are you Goths?’ They always ask if we’re Wiccan or worship Satan or anything. And we’re like, no. We’re just normal people. We just dress differently. They also ask if we do a lot of drugs and stuff. But we don’t. I mean you can look like this and dress like this for fun. They think we’re always depressed, but we’re not.

So if there was one thing you could say to all those people who were like stereotyping you, what would that be?

Fuck off.

Is there anything else you could tell them about yourself?

Don’t look on the outside, don’t judge a book by its cover.