Gwen – March on Washington: 50th Anniversary, DC

I’m working on a project based on the premise that the worst four-letter word in the English language is THEM.

Yeah, I hate that word. Who is THEM, really?

Now it becomes complicated because sometimes people on the other side of what you believe become THEMs, too.

Yeah, they’re passionate about their cause also. But I don’t like to label THEM because it’s very easy to become THEM. All it is is the way you think, [so if there is] a situation that touches you personally then you flip the script. So you have to be very very cautious about [seeing people as THEM].

Do you ever feel like a THEM or think when people are looking at you or talking to you that they’re casting you as a THEM, whatever that might be?

I try not to let myself feel that way. I have too much—— I don’t care. I never do, because when you come at me, when you talk to me you can’t, let’s say come with foolishness. You understand, I don’t entertain foolishness. If that’s where you’re coming from then, ‘Oh, got to go.’