Latisha – Union Square, NYC

…it’s more like a culture thing.

Like how do you mean, culture thing?

You know like where you’re from. That’s always—I think that’s stereotyping because we don’t look white American so we’re not Americans. So it’s ‘Where are you from?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m from New York.’ Oh, but where were you born? ‘Out West, South West.’

Where out West?

San Carlos. In Arizona. It’s Apache country. So they’re always saying ‘Where are you from? Where are you really from?’ And I’m like, whoa wait a minute. What do you mean? I mean, they’re always like, ‘Well, you look Mexican.’ Well, does the Mexican look Native American? I sometimes get Asian, too. Even Japanese, right?

So do you know your ethnic heritage?



No, I’m a quarter, my mother’s half. And my grandfather is full blood.

And then what is the other part?

Asian. South East. Like Pago Pago. It’s always like we don’t look American enough so it matters where you come from.